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Our Mission

In Paraguay 22% of the population live in poverty, 10% of them suffer from extreme poverty.

The need for holistic development is essential. It is not possible in these times and with our context of poverty to annouce the good news of God’s love without also promoting peace, justice and solidarity in words and in actions.

This statement of word and action is Diaconia. It is an ACT OF THE MERCIFUL LOVE OF GOD, which becomes alive in human history through the works of His disciples today.

It is the love for all those who are wounded with the pain and human misery caused by poverty and social exclusion which has damaged the dignity of so many human beings, many of them living in Paraguay.

Diaconia represents the concrete actions used to teach the poor how to live a life with self-respect. Knowing that each and every child, youth and adult, men and woman who are currently living in poverty, can live to discover the dignity and complete freedom that God has for His children.



  • Judah Mooney
  • Danny Dueck
  • Wesley Kehler
  • Ronald Drieger
  • Hamilton Ansley
  • Matias Fariña
  • Francisco Sanabria
  • Alexis Aquino
  • Evelin Arevalo
  • Angel Ayala
  • Judah Mooney